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We have built our business and our reputation by word of mouth and there is not a real estate service in this market that we can’t provide.  Whether it's a local move, a vacation home, investment property, selling a family home, refinancing, or just evaluating current real estate assets, we are hear to help. A real estate portfolio is often the largest collective investment that someone can have. So understanding and helping someone manage that portfolio is a job that we take seriously. 

As always, we appreciate your recommendation of our services anytime you hear someone mention a real estate related need.

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Out of State

Many agents will tell you that they can “refer” you or your friend/family member to an out of state agent and they probably can. Why are we different? Our ability to connect you to a full time, relocation trained expert will make a tremendous difference in how you/they invest both your time and your money.  And that's only a small part of what we do.  After we've connected you with an agent we will consult with you and the agent we select when there are questions about negotiations, settlement, inspections, or any other services

There are literally only a handful of companies in the entire country that handle the volume of relocation business that Century 21 New Millennium works with. Our training and daily experience with relocating families provides us with a greater understanding of the service that a client needs when they come to a new market. Through our company’s award winning relocation department, we are connected to experts in every market around the country. 

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